Why Adopt?

Adopt a penguin

Adopt: The penguins of Adélie land.

Species: Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)

About The penguins of Adélie land: WWF will follow the lives of five Adélie penguins, although their research scientists will monitor the whole colony of approximately 500-600 individuals, and they will introduce new adopted penguins over time. The colony that the adopted Adélie penguins are members of is located at the Dumont d’Urville base on Pointe Géologie archipelago, in an area of the Antarctic known as Adélie land.

About penguins: When on land, penguins alternate between walking (or waddling) and tobogganing – sliding over the ice on their bellies, propelled by their feet and flippers. Penguin feathers are oiled, forming a waterproof wetsuit that provides 80-90% of their thermal insulation. During the moulting season in February/March, the penguins are not waterproof, so they must remain on land until their new plumage is formed, otherwise they would freeze when going into the cold water. Adélie penguins live in one of the harshest environments of any bird species, with temperatures reaching -40°C. Some of the strongest wind readings ever recorded have been at Pointe Géologie, with speeds of up to 300km/h.

Just £3.00 per month will go towards helping WWF to protect penguins in the wild. All WWF Adélie penguin adopters ‘adopt’ the five penguins, so WWF can share their ongoing stories with you. They hope that by following their progress, you will experience the challenges and successes involved in preserving the penguin species.