Adopt a penguin

The total penguin population is estimated to be around 2.5 million pairs in around 160 colonies. On face value this seems a lot but when one considers the high mortality rate among infant penguins it is imperative that steps are taken to safeguard the future of these quirky creatures.

Climate change is a significant factor in the survival of the penguin species as global warming has contributed to some populations of Adélie penguins in the Antarctic Peninsula having seen their number decrease by 65% in the last 25 years. New research has shown that 75% of all penguin colonies face marked decline or disappearance if global warming continues as predicted.

By adopting a penguin you will help to fund WWF research into the sustainability of the penguin species as a result global warming. Already, WWF scientists have monitored approximately 800 Adélie penguins through the use of non-harmful remote tracking devices which help to gain important information about the penguin species.

Help WWF to urge governments, corporations and individuals to reach an agreement to make strong reductions in greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of maintaining the temperature below that of the projected 2°C of warming by 2042, in order to avoid potential catastrophic consequences for penguins and other ice dependent Antarctic wildlife.

By sponsoring a penguin through the WWF scheme you are actively helping to maintain the penguin species from extinction. If you choose to adopt a penguin you could make a real difference to their future.